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The needs for the highest standard of pharmacy service provision has never been more important for nursing homes in Ireland. Indeed, with the rate of change within the sector set to increase and with regulation and inspection becoming more and more onerous, choosing a pharmacy that can provide the widest range of services is essential. Even more important is the ability of the pharmacy to provide a comprehensive and professional service.

About Pharmacy Prime

Pharmacy Prime has been set up to develop and deliver the very highest standard of pharmacy service, with a comprehensive range that is the best available. Using the very latest technology to deliver an efficient and comprehensive service to patients in a number of care settings, Pharmacy Prime is leading the way with innovative systems to bring the nursing/care home and pharmacy closer together.

Pharmacy Prime

PRIME stands for


Pharmacy Prime's motto is "Pharmacy without Boundaries", because distance does not compromise the close relationship between nursing home staff and the pharmacy. Everything that Pharmacy Prime does is designed to give the very best service.

Pharmacy Prime was established with the objective of supplying patients in a variety of care settings, rather than as a traditional walk-in pharmacy. And the team at Pharmacy Prime are leading pioneers of pharmacy service development, responsible for some of the most significant innovation in pharmacy service development and provision.


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